10/2/2021 LNU Complex Fires and COVID-19 update

We are now scheduling events.
Call with any questions.
Please check out our website at Joyfulranch.org or send us an email at joyfulranch@gmail.com

Thank you!  Be well, stay safe.
Last updated 10/2/2021

We are back up and functioning…partially….

Hoskins-Pleasants Joyful Ranch, like many other Solano Co. properties, was not spared from the 2020 LNU Complex Fires.  We are very thankful the 1891 Victorian home and some other historic buildings behind the home were spared, but the 1880 restored barn along with other barns, foreman’s cottage, and the rustic-modern restrooms were destroyed.  We have finished the debris removal process and are moving forward with plans to re-build some of the lost buildings, including the 1880 barn and the restrooms.  As we are recovering from the catastrophic event and its resulting damages, we are now able to schedule some events.  Please check our web-site for updates or send an e-mail at joyfulranch@gmail.com.

Note:  We continue to be concerned about the health and safety of our guests and crew during these ever-changing times, and will continue to follow local COVID19 guidelines.

We are so grateful for the community and SOLANO LAND Trust that have provided so much support.  Here’s a short video discussing the LNU Complex Fires and our short term goals.  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO (https://vimeo.com471303578).

Email: joyfulranch@gmail.com (mailto:joyfulranch@gmail.com).

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