8212 Pleasants Valley Road,
Vacaville, CA 95688   707-448-2288


Board Members: Ethel Hoskins, Pat Marino, Dave McKenzie, Rita & John Onsum, Ethan Roschen,  Judy Showalter

RANCH  RUCKUS          Late Spring 2015

With your help, we are
Preserving the history of the William James Pleasants Ranch (Joyful Ranch) and Providing a place for spiritual renewal for you and for our future generations!

Greetings from Joyful Ranch where lots of things are going on!

~ A grant was received from Natural Resources Conservation Agency to help develop a natural spring that is located on the east side of Pleasants Creek. This will provide much needed water for wildlife and possibly for cattle as well.

~ Ethel just planted 50 walnut trees that finish off the little orchard to the north of the driveway; some were used to plant along that driveway as well as to the west of the Victorian. The larger orchard experienced many ailments including drought shock, and a couple of diseases. The plan is to cut out the dead branches back to a live section, and this will be done over time.

~ We have had very exciting events these past eighteen months, including weddings, birthday parties, retreats, and a fund raiser for a stroke victim. We were also honored to host the Honeybee Trio, which turned out to be a very lovely evening.

~ The 1880 buggy horse barn, restored to its natural rustic elegance, hosted several events: two of our events, for example were a 100-year-old birthday party with lots of sweet memories, and an 18-year- old country western birthday party complete with the birthday boy doing a one-hour concert.

~ Dixon Neighborhood Christian School’s 3rd-gr. class came for a day to finish studying histories of Indian tribes…and included many activities and Indian games, and food that the Indians would have eaten.

~The historic barn hosted a recent Solano Resource Conservation District leadership planning retreat. As well, we hosted the Yolo County Historic Society and Winters Historic Project symposium. The early CA fruit industry was highlighted and a brief history of the ranch was presented.

**SAVE THIS DATE! The Joyful Ranch Foundation invites you to continue to celebrate the 2013 barn restoration with a delicious Sunset Dinner to be held on September 26, 2015. Dave and Sharon Rico & Vince and Carol Lanovara will return as our chefs. An evening highlight will be a fun and lively dessert auction And, of course, a joyous time will be had by all.

So, mark the date—Sept. 26– on your calendar! You just can’t help but come! Food will be delicious, the dessert auction will be fun, and the surprise entertainment will be superb!!! Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

Watch for more information – coming soon. 

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