Our Purpose:
To educate, enrich and inspire the general public in the rich history of the William James Pleasants Ranch and to provide a setting for spiritual renewal. The means shall include but not be limited to: preserving of historic buildings, securing habitat for wildlife and plants, conserving land and waterways, supporting agriculture, and maintaining scenic vistas.

What do we offer:
In furtherance of our primary goals, the Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers work to maintain this special place for individuals and groups to visit. The Victorian home and grounds are available for company and church retreats and meeting, weddings, family reunions, picnics and barbecues.  Tours of historic buildings and guided walks through more then 400 acres of scenic plant and wildlife habitat can be arranged. Scout groups are welcome and have camped over night. Adult and youth groups are also welcome for Bible study and/or fellowship experiences.

Our History:
The Hoskins-Pleasants Ranch is located at 8212 Pleasants Valley Road, Vacaville, CA, in the Sacramento Valley. The ranch has been in owner Ethel Hoskins’ family since 1850. Her grandfather, William James Pleasants, and his father, James Madison Pleasants, came to California in a wagon train in 1849 and, after not having success of any great proportion in the gold fields, they came here to this homestead in 1850. WJ Pleasants returned in 1856 to Kentucky to lead a wagon train back that would include his sisters and brother. His devotion to farming, ranching, community service, and family left a rich legacy for future generations.

The Foundation:
Following both Ethel’s grandfather and her mother, Ethel continues to ranch now on the remaining 406 acres of this once 4,000 plus acre ranch. To preserve this beautiful piece of ranch property for perpetuity, a conservation easement was placed on 366 acres in January of 2003. Further, 13 buildings of this ranch, including the landmark Victorian home built by WJ Pleasants in 1891, are now on both the National and State Historical Registers of Significant Places.
As there are no heirs to follow in Ethel’s footsteps, she created the Joyful Ranch Foundation which will help guide in the restoration, preservation, and education of this property and to preserve it for generations to come.

Joyful Ranch Foundation
8212 Pleasants Valley Road
Vacaville, CA 95688  

(707) 448-2288