The specific purposes for which this corporation is organized are to educate, enrich and inspire the general public in the rich history of the William James Pleasants Ranch and to provide a setting for spiritual renewal.  The means shall include but not be limited to preserving historic buildings, to securing habitat for wildlife and native plants, to conserving land and waterways, to supporting agriculture and to maintaining scenic vistas.

The Joyful Ranch Corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person.  It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.


1.    We will protect Joyful Ranch’s autonomy and retain its joy, charm, tranquility.

2.    There is inherent value in preserving the ranch for current and future generations.

3.    There is a rich heritage that belongs to the William James Pleasants/Hoskins ranch.

4.    Integrity, honesty, and open communication are essential.

5.    Meaningful accomplishment enhances the motivation to keep moving forward.

6.    Each group/person coming out is equally important.

7.    Each must take responsibility for their actions in order to enjoy the rights and privileges that society and the ranch provide.

8.    Safety, efficiency, courtesy, and staging are essential in all our offerings.


1.    We will operate a safe ranch environment.

2.    Decisions we make must always be consistent with our Mission Statement.

3.    No program or service will be accepted unless it is consistent with our mission, has benefits that justify the cost, and contains provisions for evaluation.

4.    No program or service will be retained unless it continues to make an optimum contribution to our mission and the benefits continue to justify cost.

5.    We will practice collaborative decision-making as appropriate.

6.    We will adhere to the Conservation Easement, Williamson Act, and National and State Historic Registers allowances and limitations.

7.    We will provide a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment at any JRF-sponsored event.


Goal #1 Inform the public of the rich history of our ranch:


Keep our web-site current and attractive.

Keep publicity on-going.

Keep brochure up-to-date.

Provide adequate signage.

Plan activities such as Day at the Ranch, fall events, weddings, teas, brunches, picnics, etc.  (Brochures are always available.)

Provide Board members opportunities to investigate latest trends in historic ranch preservation.

Seek and cultivate local youth to—and potential future Board member replacements who—capture the JRF Mission.

(5-year plan)

Partner with other ranches/agencies, both public and private, to provide a “draw” to the ranch.

Encourage and have classroom and/or group visits/tours.

1.10 Speak to varying groups.

1.11 Offer interpretative and educational programs and materials.

 (10-year plan)

1.12. Complete pictorial history.

(15-year plan)

1.13 House historical papers and other portable artifacts and make them easily displayable.

1.14 Write a book on the Pleasants/Hoskins ranch history.

Goal #2 Give an essence of an era during W. J. Pleasants’ time (1850-1919):


2.1    Create a business plan that is ongoing:

  1. Seek funding sources and acquire funds through such sources as grants, endowments, donations, and fund-raisers, gift shop.
  2. Have experts on taxes, grants, capital campaigns, fund raising.
  3. Hire a grant writer.

2.2    Evaluate all buildings, structures and infra-structures.

2.3    Stabilize all buildings and structures as needed.

2.4    Provide security for all relics and artifacts.

 (5-year plan)

2.5     Restore the Victorian home.

2.6     Complete landscaping the Victorian type yard and homestead area and driveways.

2.7     Complete infa-structures such as restrooms, drainage, driveways, and lighting.

2.8     Identify, conserve, preserve, and/or restore relics and artifacts such as buggies, wagons, old engines, tools, agricultural and ranch implements, and grist wheel.

2.9     Provide a tool/workshop for maintenance and restoration.

2.10   Construct or renovate and designate a building as a visitors’ center and meeting room/office.

 (10-year plan)

2.11 Restore/renovate all buildings on the National and State Historic Registers.

2.12   Continue to identify, conserve, preserve, and/or restore relics and artifacts such as buggies, wagons, old engines, tools, agricultural and ranch implements, and grist wheel.

 (15-year plan)

2.13   Re-build/restore, and/or renovate historical buildings that were here in the past and/or now that are not on the Registers such as the grist mill, the tank house, draft horse barn, “packing shed,” Chinese house, cabins, cook house, and cistern.

2.14   Re-build the bridge that connected west side with east side of Pleasants Creek.

Goal #3 Provide a setting for spiritual renewal:


3.1     Provide and maintain a space for a meeting place, e.g., Olive Grove.

3.2     Design and make meditation area (benches, picnic benches, tire swings).

 (5-year plan)

3.3    Build trails that are natural.

(10-year plan)

3.4    Designate interim building(s) to be meeting place(s).

(15-year plan)

3.5   Rebuild the East-side packing shed.

Goal #4 Secure habitat for wildlife and native plants; conserve land and waterways; maintain scenic vistas:


4.1    Use native plants and shrubs and trees to stabilize creek banks, provide shade, and give native wildlife shelter.

4.2   Limit hillside and bank erosion.

4.3   Encourage service and boy-scout projects.

 (5-year plan)

4.4   Add signage identifying and giving information about flora and fauna.

(10-year plan)

4.5   Provide a healthy ecosystem as evidenced by viable populations of native wildlife species existing on land and in the water.

 (15-year plan)

4.6   Review and identify project(s) continuum.

Goal #5 Support agriculture:


5.1    Provide varying forms of information about agricultural practices at the ranch.

5.2    Allow activities on the ranch that will encourage good agricultural practices.

5.3    Provide information about the Conservation Easement.

(5-year plan)

5.4    Grow and sell crops that WJ Pleasants raised and sell them to visitors.

 (10-year plan)

5.5   Sell items that come from the ranch.

 (15-year plan)

5.6   Provide products and agricultural programs that would draw people to the ranch.


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